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What I’m doin’ right now called–toasting

you know, riffin’


representing who I be over the groove

art of toasting blew life into Hip Hop

and Hip Hop spared a rib

to mold rap – which is the voice

Hip Hop is the body

toasting is the spirit

but I digress”

– How We Got On, page 2

Toasting (or alternately “chanting” or “deejaying”) is the the act of talking or chanting, usually in a monotone melody, over a rhythm or beat by a deejay. Traditionally, the method of toasting originates from the Caribbean calypso and mento tradition. The lyrics can be either improvised or pre-written. Toasting has been used in various African traditions, such as griots chanting over a drum beat, as well as in Jamaican music forms, such as Ska, reggae, dancehall, and dub.

In the late 1950s deejay toasting was developed by Count Machuki.  He conceived the idea from listening to disc jockeys on American radio stations. He would do American jive over the music while selecting and playing R&B music.

Toast often consist of comedy, boastful commentaries, half-sung rhymes, rhythmic chants, squeals, screams, and rhymed storytelling.


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