“The Hip Hop Years” – Three Part Mini-Series

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Hip Hop Years is a 3-part series of one hour television documentaries made for Channel 4 in 1999.

[Dramaturgs note:  For the purposes of How We Got On, I find parts 1 and 2 most relevant– but part 3 does help complete the whole picture.]

1.)  Close to the Edge: Part one of the documentary covers the birth of hip hop culture and how it spread to a worldwide phenomenon.

2.)  Fight the Power:  Part two of the documentary covers the rise of hip hop into pop culture and the controversy that followed. This episode also dives into censorship issues and the governments early attempts to challenge rap artist first amendment rights.

3.)  The New Rock n’ Roll:  Part three of the documentary covers the move of Hip Hop to the West Coast where the 90’s Gansta Rap movement was born. They also cover the rise and early demise of both Biggie and the reemergence of the East Cost in the form of the early 2000’s chart toppers.


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