Rap Concerts Circa 1988-ish

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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In Concert:  Any time Hank, Julian or Luann, perform their raps. This is a manifestation of how they feel/ what they imagine.

– Idris Goodwin, How We Got On

Because How We Got On takes place in an era before YouTube and cell phones that can record video, some rap videos depicting concerts in the mid-to-late 80’s aren’t in great abundance.  However, in 1987, Def Jam launched a tour featuring LL Cool J (see below videos).

Also, the tail end of the documentary The Show (which can be seen in its entirety in an early post on this blog HERE), culminates in some great hip-hop concerts– though again:  it’s production date falls after 1988.

LL Cool J – Live 87 Def Jam Tour (pt. 1)

LL Cool J – Live 87 Def Jam Tour (pt. 2)

Public Enemy – Def II Tour

And though it’s dated a bit later than the events depicted in How We Got On, I like this video of Method Man and Redman due to their swagger and interactions with the audience:


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